Hello, guten tag, aloha, hallo, shalom, hola, ciao, bonjour, goddag, chao ahn, oi! Ola! and a very warm welcome to Accent Translation, your one stop to all of your translation needs! 


Who we are

Accent Translation was first started back in 2007 as a university extra curricular project. A group of students saw that there was a serious need for translation services among the campus community, and took it upon themselves to start just that!

Upon their extreme popularity and huge influx of work, the team realised they were really onto something. After completing their studies, the guys joined forces, and savings, to invest in a lovely little office, some staff training, and the latest technology.

Fast-forward 5 years and Accent Translation is a global business. Their team of friendly and experienced translators has quadrupled in size. The small poxy office has now been taken over by the whole floor, and the technology has continuously developed to not only keep up with, but also remain on top of industry standards.

Accent Translation prides itself on being efficient, economical and most importantly client centered when providing our human translation services!  


What we do

At Accent Translation we specialise in a wide range of documentations, under the two categories of professional and personal documentation. If the type of document that you need translating is not on the list then please do not fret, our list is quite long, and our word count limited, so perhaps we just haven't had the room to fit it on!

Alternatively, we may not have translated a document of that type before! Well just because we haven't done it yet, doesn't mean we aren't highly capable and skilled to do so. Our team of staff are experts in languages, therefore any document type that you give us, we can and will translate. Hey, its rather exciting for us too, a new project is a new challenge and a chance to learn something new, we should be thanking you!




What sets us aside from others?


We are timely!

We offer a variety of delivery services, including express delivery and self-collection on top of the normal delivery schedules as shown below. 

You can also find details about our delivery and pricing in the delivery and pricing section of this website. 

We are committed to our timings and ensuring that our clients receive their documents on the dates promised. For this reason if for any reason your document is not in your hands by the time period agreed, you will receive the translation service absolutely free. 

0-500 words - Next day completed delivery

500-1000 words - 2-3 days completed delivery

1000-2000 words - 3-5 days completed delivery

2000-3000 words - 5-6 days completed delivery

3000 or more words - Contact us to discuss this size of document further. Of course no job is too big for us here at Accent Translation but we may need to custom make your price and delivery timings to your project on the basis of its size. 



We are efficient

To define efficiency, is to define us. We gain maximum productivity, while making sure to have minimum wasted effort or expenses. 


We are cost effective

Here at Accent Translation we use the best, and most advanced technology. Our staff are highly experienced with a high level of training. We are that confident and sure of ourselves that if you find the same service cheaper anywhere else we will match their quote and give you 10% off your next service with us! That sounds fair right?



*Please note. For your reassurance, here at Accent Translation we are completely 100% confidential in our services. 



 Here is a list of the types of documents that we can translate for you today:


Business Documents:

   Websites and Email content

   Video Transcription and Translation

   Advertising documents 

   Brochures and Menus

   Business reports

   News articles and blogs


 Personal Documents: 

   Immigration and Legal Documentation

   Personal Letters

   CV/Resume and Cover Letters

   Academic writing

   Books and Short Stories

   Proposals and Speeches



All of the above documents can be translated into over 80 different languages from Arabic to Yiddish!



What are you waiting for, contact us now and have your document translated into any language you want!


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Take their words for it ...

I was really stuck trying to communicate with my colleagues abroad. Accent Translation were speedy and efficient and helped me to translate my documents into a number of different languages, building bridges and better communication within my company. Great work!
Gregory Hatcher
Wishword Consultancy

On completion of my book I required it to be translated into over 30 languages. The task seemed daunting but Accent Translation really took charge. The staff were fantastic and left my mind at ease! Thank you Accent Translation! 
Ellen Rivers

Moving to Japan was a daunting process anyway, what with a new job, new home, and then the culture shock, but when I had to complete my visa and legal documentation I was really stressed! Accent Translation did the work for me and safe to say I am loving my new life as an expat!

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